We CAN all have perfect feet

Definitely no myth.  If we give our feet the care we give our faces, we will all have perfectly beautiful feet.  Yes they are hidden most of the time and we often forget them until we have to wear open shoes and then it is often damage control, but beautiful heels and attractive feet come with daily care.

We CAN all have perfect feet.

MediHeel Pedicure

There are a few things we need to avoid and a few we need to add.  First we have to understand why heels dry and crack or why a callus will form.  
If you think of the effect a tight shoe that causes friction on the skin has you will understand that a foot file has a very similar effect.
When we wear tight or sometimes new uncomfortable shoes, there is tremendous friction on the skin and our bodies protect itself by forming excess skin.  That is why a callus will form where the shoe damaged your skin.  
The same thing happens when we continuously file the foot. There is a message of trauma that gets sent to our brains and our bodies react by forming more skin.
The solution…. Simply stop the filing and blading and opt for a chemical peel like the MediHeel Callus Softener which also comes in a comfortable wipe.
This solution will break up the hard skin under the foot, but make sure you neutralize the skin afterwards otherwise your skin will dry out.
We also have to apply cream that is not simply a water emulsion but rather something with the correct nutrients to feed and nourish the skin.  The Elim Foot Perfector contains everything from Honey to Vit A and B5 to deeply nourish your heels.  The best news is yet to come.  With our revolutionary powder gel technology, we have created a heel balm that dries quickly on the foot because we know how much you hate slipping in your shoes when applying heel balm.
Finally, some personal advice.  Keep our Elim Pumice Sponge in the shower and gently remove the dead skin every night.  When you get out of the shower or bath, don’t simply step on a towel to dry the feet, rub the bottom of your feet as if you are exfoliating it, especially the heel area, making sure you remove the softened skin.
Once a month go for your favorite MediHeel Pedicure.  If you therapist is not stocking it, you can purchase the full medical Pedi pack online and do it yourself or request your therapist to stock only the MediHeel Range.
There are many callus removers on the market today, but make sure that you choose Elim, the only Pedi system with a neutralizer.




A Result driven Pedicure Range for clients who need effective products with visible results.

Callus Kit _ Foot Perfector .png

Removes Cracked Heels in 10 minutes. Kit contains 10 treatments.


Callus Removal Kit for Cracked Heels.  Includes 10 treatments, a Neutralizer, scraper, Pumice and a XL 150 ml Foot Perfector Heel Balm.



A Medical Grade pedicure all in one box to use at home.


MediHeel Callus Softening Kit


The Callus Softening Kit. Contains an active callus remover, a PH neutralizer and all the tools to remove the dead skin cells from the heel. It works only on the outer layer of the heel and softens the cornea stratum. It is the ideal product to apply to very dry and cracked heels. The Kit is was designed for home use to maintain ultimate results for very compromised and dry heels. This is the strongest formula available on the market and will remove dry skin in only 10 minutes. Forms part of the MediHeel Pedicure

Callus Kit & Foot Perfector Combo For Cracked heels


The Elim Callus Removal Kit and Foot Perfector take care of any unwanted dead skin and stubborn calluses while rejuvenating the skin for softer and healthier looking feet.

The Elim Callus Softening Kit and Foot Perfector Combo is the perfect combination that was designed to get rid of calluses and cracked heels in one application and in less than 10 minutes! For just a fraction of the cost of a pedicure, you can step out in summer looking great from the ground up. Summer is a time for open shoes, sandals and “going natural” barefoot feet. If the thought of showing your cracked heels or calluses to the world fills you with despair, try the Elim Callus Removal Kit and Foot Perfector.

Why do I need the Elim Callus Softening Kit and Foot Perfector?

Soften calluses and dead skin

Create softer, healthier looking heels

Feet: A non-slip Balm with Super Hydration Actives

Callus Softening Kit: With a single application, dead skin is softened in only 10 minutes by a chemical process. Apply to the dry areas only. Includes your Elim Tonic, PH Neutralizer, Large Pumice and all the tools to perform the chemical peel on the heels Foot Perfector. Our Foot Perfector is a medium weight cream that brightens and softens the feet. Vitamins B5, C, and E nourish the feet while the unique gel-powder helps lock in moisture, ensuring a non-slip finish. Anyone with cracked heels and calluses will know that wearing open shoes can be embarrassing. With the Elim Callus Removal Kit and Foot Perfector, you can kiss unwanted dead skin behind."

Medi-Pedi in a Box A Medical Pedicure at home


The Elim MediHeel Medi-Pedi in a Box is jam-packed full of products that are specifically designed for those feet emergency moments! Removes calluses in 10 minutes and leaves feet smooth and hydrated.

Get a spa quality pedicure in the comfort of your own home with exciting MediHeel products. Everything you would expect from a Professional Medi Pedi for @home comfort.

Get a spa quality pedicure in the comfort of your own home with exciting products such as:

• The Callus Softening Tonic and Skin PH Neutralizer

• MediHeel AHA Foot Exfoliator

• MediHeel Anti-bacterial Spa Additive Foot Soak

• MediHeel Foot Perfector Balm for Hydration

• Cuticle MD – A Cuticle Oil Superior

• MediHeel Rejuvenating Gold Spritz

• A Pumice Stone. (Part of the Callus Removal Kit)

• Tools include the Scraper, Dropper and Latex Glove. (Part of the Callus Softening Kit)

MediHeel Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant


The AHA Foot Exfoliant forms part of the Elim MediHeel Pedicure System. A combination of Glycolic & Lactic Acids that peels & exfoliate with natural Jojoba Oil Beads and Cellulose. The formula is packed with hydration actives, leaving feet and lower legs soft and smooth in appearance.


• Lactic Acid for treating fine lines.
• Shea Butter is considered a super food for the skin

and also restores elasticity.
• Glycolic Acid reacts with the top layer of the skin,

breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together, leaving behind smoother healthier feet.

• Lanolin works by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin to help prevent water from evaporating.

• Sweet Almond Oil is a potent antioxidant. The oil is especially rich in n.proteins and can provide the amino acids required for the formation of collage

Elim Spa Sanitizer


As a Cosmetologist it is important to always maintain a sterile spa/salon environment. Elim Spa Sanitizer contains 60% alcohol to protect your clients, yourself and your spa or salon from spreading bacterial microbes. Elim Spa Sanitizer is a super virucidal and disinfectant. Ideal for use on hands, feet, implements, pedicure bowls, nail stations or any area that needs sanitizing.

MediHeel Spa Additive


With Tea Tree, Niaouli and Rosemary Oil this antifungal foot soak was designed to specifically target bacterial causing foot odour. This super additive not only cleanses the feet and nails but is a natural antiseptic that fights fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and feet. The Elim Spa Additive increases blood circulation and eases puffiness and swelling. Clear salt crystals and Bicarb of Soda acts as a carrier and a neutralizer for the feet.

MediHeel Foot Perfector


With its unique Moisture Lock system, the Elim MediHeel Foot Perfector contains a range of Vitamins and Oils to nourish and protect the feet. Shea butter, Urea, and Honey were added for super hydration while Collagen plumps up fine wrinkles on the feet and improves the general appearance of the feet. Contains Vit E and Pro-Vitamin B5.


Normal heel balms stay oily after application but the Elim MediHeel Foot Perfector with its unique gel powder technology ensures a slip-free non-oily experience after application.

MediHeel Rejuvenating Gold Spritz


A burst of gold shimmer with a fine fragrance. The perfect finish to your treatment or a daily indulgence to leave the skin with a burst of gold. Gives radiance to the legs, arms, body, and hair.


• Geranium Oil promotes beautiful and radiant skin and improves circulation.

• Glycerin is non-toxic in nature and was added as a hydration agent.

• Urea is a humectant and will retain moisture in the skin. It also strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

• A fine, luxurious fragrance.

MediHeel Cuticle MD


The Elim Cuticle MD is an antibacterial cuticle rescue with a blend of 10 Oils to keep the cuticles in peek condition. The heart of the formulation is Coconut Oil, which is also a natural SPF for the Nail and Cuticle and protects against bacteria and fungi.


Welcome to a brand new way of doing spa treatments. The Elim range includes a restorative pedicure and manicure specifically focused on dehydration and pigmentation. The complete range was developed with facial grade ingredients to give your client a superior experience.



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